Spying Downblouse

September 7th, 2012 by

It’s a hot day today so i will be out checking out all the lovely ladies who are nice enough to wear low slung tops so I can get a sneaky look downblouse. I love to stand in queues when the weather is hot because I am pretty tall so I get to look down all the tops of these hot women and see their tits. Some openly flirt and make sure you get a good look down their tops but others seem blissfully unaware that standing next to them is a pervert with a hard on as he looks down their top hahaha.

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When The Summer Has Gone

October 10th, 2011 by

I love the summer and one of the great things about the summer is that the women tend to wear more revealing clothes and a lot don’ t wear bras in the summer because they get a bit sweaty and can irritate. This is a great time to be checking out the downblouse, go to a shop and ask for something in a low counter and as they bend over you can get a nice look down their tops.

I love downblouse so much I almost feel addicted but the worse thing is that when the winter is here women obviously dress up more, I mean wear more clothes so the chances of a cheeky look downblouse is less and less. That is where the internet is a fucking life saver because all you need to do is go to a site like THIS and enjoy all the downblouse without the risk of getting caught and in the comfort of your own home.


Cute Tits Flashed Downblouse

October 6th, 2011 by

This girls was sitting reading obviously unaware that her top was open too much and revealing her brales tits. She sat there in her white socks and short skirt and all the time we can see the outline of her tit and a little bit of nipple. This why I love downblouse because it’s something that is slightly voyeuristic but without invading anyone’s privacy. You look downblouse of more or less every woman you speak to, some seem to know they are flashing their tits slightly and they seem to get off on it, I don’t care because so am I. The sight of a naked pair of tits downblouse is something that I would imagine most me would like.

It’s similar to upskirt in the fact that you are sneakily looking at a woman’s panties or in this case naked tits or at least their tits all snuggly in their bra. The pic above is taken from a movie where is just sat talking but she doesn’t know her tits are being flashed, she is so innocent, or is she. Click here to judge for your self and see all exclusive downblouse HD movies.

Sexy Downblouse Pics

September 9th, 2011 by

I will try and show as many sexy downblouse pics as I can and I will also see if I can post a downblouse movie or two so you can enjoy them right now. No matter how many free downblouse movies you see you simply cannot beat the quality and quantity you get from a  real site that is dedicated to downblouse. Now I love downblouse as much as the next bloke but i don’t have a vast collection of movies to show you so I am relying on Downblouseloving to provide me with some nice pics and movies to show you. No matter ho much I try though I am never going to be allowed to show you much but if you Click Here you can join this amazing site and enjoys the HD movies at will.

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How Much Do I Love Downblouse

September 9th, 2011 by

I have set this site up with the intention of sharing some downblouse stories and pictures with you. I love downblouse is going to be about this great sexy activity that I’m sure most men and some women have enjoyed at one time or another. If you asking “what is downblouse” then you might be in the wrong place but then again maybe you have an idea what downblouse is and are just doing a bit of “research”.

OK so what is downblouse?, simples it is when you are talking to a woman and you can see down her top and catch a glimpse of her breasts. The word blouse is probably a bit old fashioned but women used to wear blouses a lot in offices, shops, bars etc so this is when you would get a look down their blouse. That is basically it just that simple act of getting a look down a woman’s blouse as in “Downblouse”.

I love downblouse and I hope you do too and if you are not sure then maybe this site will convince you it’s a good thing. The thing that excites me about looking down a woman’s blouse is the fact it’s a bit daring as you might get caught. There is also another type of downblouse that I love and that is downblouse flashing or teasing, this is when the woman knows you can see her tits and wants to tease you so she might let her top fall down and flash her tits but she will pretend it was an accident. These girls love to see the look on a mans face when they do this and some like to see a swelling in the trouser area of the bloke she is teasing. You can see some very nice examples of downblouse Here